52 Ancestors, 52 Weeks Cajun Style #3b

I thought I would go ahead and continue from last week since I have more family stories to keep the LONGEVITY theme going.   This is from my English side of the family Woodworth(ward) and Irish side Powers.

My grandmother was the youngest girl in a family of 10 children on the POWERS side: James “Jimmy”, Francis, Raymond, Mary Genevieve, Catherine (Sister Theresa Joseph), Gertrude, Joseph (Father Joe), Teresa, Thomas, John.  Her brother “Jimmy” was a sports editor for the NY News (Times).  Powers Jimmy NY Times article is a fun article to read and the humor of the Powers’ comes through.  I’m loving the fact that some will recognize the typewriter style… I never had the pleasure of meeting any of my grandmother (Teresa)’s siblings, nor her parents.  So, this LONGEVITY is hoping to keep the stories alive.  I’m asking my dad, aunts and uncles: Mary Anne, Chuck, Richard, John, Martha and Cecilia to share their memories!

…and the next one would be WOODWORTH, who originally were WOODWARD; their name changed after Walter Woodward died, per his request.  His son Ben, executor of his father’s will, signed Woodworth on 2 March 1686.  Woodworth Family History MASTER is their story.

Uncle Chuck, does Stacy know she is not the first “O’Dowd” to marry a Wight?




3 thoughts on “52 Ancestors, 52 Weeks Cajun Style #3b

    1. oops – not quite Wight – haha. David Woodworth married Hanora O’Dowd, and then David’s brother Ben married Hanora’s sister Mary Ann “Molly.” Their child Mary Eleanor married a Wight. sorry about the confusion. The people tend to cross over when I’m not looking! R


  1. Rachel, this blog is wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to post all of this information. My dad was stationed in Columbia, SC so the picture of him with his crew was taken there. He was a mechanic, a job he apparently didn’t care for according to my mother.


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