letters, letters, letters!

Calling the Wights & Woodworths! This is just the first of hundreds of letters that I inherited…. and I am privileged to have them in my possession. However, it takes a Wight / Woodworth family “village” to transcribe them and that is what I am asking.

The correspondence from Avery Brink Wight to Eleanor Woodworth (and a few from Eleanor to Avery) goes from 1904 (first letter above) through 1919 (so far), with the primary year of letters being written during 1906. I do have a few additional letters from others to Avery as well (including one of his sons, Clenard).

All I ask is that you take your time trying to read through these and posting so that we can get a CORRECT version of what was said. There are SOOO many to read through!

Please comment on each post and I will add the transcribed sections as I have time.

Enjoy these letters. They are for all of us who have him as an ancestor! Enjoy the view of back in time!

  • Avery Brink Wight & Eleanor Woodworth
    • George Clenard Wight (10 May 1908 –
      • four children
    • Phillip Franklin Wight (9 Nov 1910 – 13 Feb 1972)
      • three children
    • Avery Bruce Wight (22 Aug 1916 – 1995)
      • 7 (living) children
      • Avery Bruce Joseph “Joe” Wight (1942 – 2010)
      • Margaret Teresa Wight (1955 – 1956)

Much appreciated, Rachel Wight


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