52 Ancestors #9 Where There’s A Will


OK, y’all, I’m interpreting this literally:  it’s a WILL.  I would love to spend hours on this blog, but as I work full time and am a full time single parent, I just don’t quite have the energy to make it professional.  The photo above is what I imagine Massachusetts might look like… so just go with me on that.

The Woodworths line of my family is my paternal Grandmother’s line – Walter Woodworth is the first generation that I am aware of – born about 1612 in County of Kent, England.  I do not currently have his wife’s name (I believe it’s estimated in the article below, but I’d like to verify a little more).  He had 10 children – all born from about 1641 to 1664.  They settled Scituate, Plymouth County, Mass.  The rest of my family continues from Walter’s son Benjamin, to Benjamin’s son Caleb (#10 of 11 children), then to Gershom (#1 of 11 –  born in either Lebanon or Salisbury, Conn), Caleb (#6 of 11), Caleb Jr (#3 of 8), Caleb Ambrose (#2 of 12 – Tyre, New York), Benjamin Franklin (#3 of 6 – Seneca Falls, NY).  Hey sister, Karen – can you scout Seneca Falls out for me since you are closer?  Finally Mary Eleanor Woodworth from Larkin, Atchison County, Kansas (#1 of 3) – my great great grandmother.

So, you should enjoy this one:  1612 Woodworth, Walter property list is a copy land records that I have come across for Walter Woodworth.  (You will have to zoom in about 8 or 9 times to get it large enough) – but it’s so interesting to see the style of handwriting, the prose that it was written in. About 1620 Land records from Massachusetts.

Here is the example of the Will and Testament for Walter:

Woodworth Walter – Will & testament – Scituate MA — is a transcribed copy – thanks to the source who provided this on Find A Grave – as there aren’t Federal Census’ at this time!  (Have to get creative in looking!)  I wasn’t able to get the actual photo to post on this page…. 😦

Thoughts about this will?  Did you see how it was divided amongst the four sons and six daughters?  What about the items that were distributed?

Of course, if you live in the central south like me, you have NO idea where Scituate Massachusetts is – so Google maps is handy.  Very cool that he assisted in the layout of the town!  This tells some about Scituate, MA.  (If you keep reading, part of the article mentions people coming in from County of Kent, England to settle – this would be the Woodworths!)

This (below) has the BEST handwriting ever!  This is the appropriation of land to those settling in Scituate, MA – including Walter, sons Thomas and Joseph.

1612 Woodworth, Walter appropriation of land in Scituate, MA

All very enjoyable finds – and now I’ll go keep looking for more info on Walter’s lovely wife.


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