52 Ancestors, 52 weeks #8 Heirloom

Our family heirloom is a pocket watch that was passed down from our Great-grandfather, Avery Brink Wight, to my Grandfather, Avery Bruce to my brother Avery James. Avery Brink (spouse, Mary Eleanor Woodworth), born in January 1878 in Kechi, Kansas, served in the Spanish-American War (Phillippines) as well as being a Major in the Army … Continue reading 52 Ancestors, 52 weeks #8 Heirloom

52 Ancestors 52 weeks #7

This is a tale of History - "Her"-story.  (My mom had a book that was rightly called "Herstory" and as we were both history fanatics, I have never forgotten.) This week's theme is "Valentine."  To be honest, I was going to skip it.  I'm not a very "Valentine" -ish person and I don't like to … Continue reading 52 Ancestors 52 weeks #7